Sunday 14 September 2014

Foraging in The City
Teacher: Nature & Wilderness Guide, MA Joel Rosenberg

The course brought to light a new perspective on Helsinki and urban nature. Students learned to observe the 
urban environment through a forager's and cyclist's lenses.

During the course we found and tasted foods that grow in the city. We visited some of the urban gardens of Helsinki, foraged fruits from the parks and mushrooms from the forest. Based on their findings, students created artworks that offer new ways to understand our relationship with the urban environment and how it can be used

This intensive workshop took place out of classrooms. We mostly cycled around Helsinki visiting interesting sites. We discussed issues of Everyman's rights, self-reliance, creative participation, the use of city's fringe areas and artists relation to these topics.

Teaching sessions included introductions to some outdoors skills like finding the North without a compass and making fire without matches or lighters. The focus of the course was on daily multi-sensory observation, interaction with the environment and discussions.

Here is a map where you can find the exact spots of the students artworks:

Where is the North?

The collective (soup)painting